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A man falling from space to the Earth surface: Live telecast by NASA

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Live Jelly Cam - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Get an up-close look at the delicate sea nettles in our Open Sea exhibit.

Watch as their long tentacles and lacey mouth-arms move smoothly through the water. But don't let these unassuming invertebrates fool you—their graceful trailing parts are covered in stinging cells used for hunting. When their tentacles touch tiny drifting prey, the stinging cells paralyze it and stick tight. The prey is moved to the mouth-arms and then to the mouth, where it's digested.

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Camera 1: Exploring the Central Pacific Basin

Video Replay: Loops of Fire - Incredible views from the surface of the Sun

Clash of Clans: How Do We Get Over There? (Update Teaser)

NASA Live Earth From Space Live Feed (HD) ISS live stream video of Earth

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Here Are Some Money Saving Tips for Your Cruise Vacation

Cruising has become a favorite vacation choice for millions of people around the world. Why shouldn't cruising be popular? Leisurely floating through the Caribbean or Mediterranean while being entertained, fed unbelievable food and sipping tasty adult beverages with little umbrellas doesn't sound too bad, does it?  Yes, cruising can be very expensive --- but it doesn't have to be. Here are some money saving tips to consider when you are planning your next cruise vacation.

1. Choose the right time of year

Caribbean cruises are normally less expensive in the fall and spring than they are in the winter or summer. Although the Caribbean gets hot in the summer there are also fewer ships which make the prices go up. Winter is the peak season and therefore the most expensive.

During fall and spring, however, there are many ships in the Caribbean but the prices are lower. Why? Because the weather is a bigger factor. So if you don't mind gambling a bit on the weather, fall and spring are the cheapest times to cruise.

2. Select an older ship

As the cruise lines build bigger and better ships, the older ships in fleet often are available on popular itineraries at cheaper prices. Many of these older ships are reassigned to smaller ports. You may be able to book a cruise on a ship that leaves from a port within driving distance of your home --- which will save you the price of airfare.

3.  Watch out for expensive excursions

When you get into port, the cruise line will offer many excursions. While it is great to have a ship sponsored excursion, these are often two to three times more expensive than booking your own excursions.

Of course you have to be careful to choose a reputable company when booking excursions, but these are not difficult to find online. Find a company that has lots of references and has a written policy on refunds. Generally it's better not to travel long distances with a local excursion company because if you are late getting back to the ship you will be left on the dock.

While caution is necessary, booking your own excursions can save a family of four as much as $200 or $300 in each port!

4. Stick to a budget on the ship.

When you are cruising you are not allowed to use cash on the ship. Everything you purchase is signed for --- then, at the end of the cruise, you are presented with a final bill. With this arrangement it is easy to overspend.

Watch your budget. Remember that alcoholic drinks are expensive. If you are a gambler you will probably find much better odds on the mainland. Premium restaurants on board are fine, but do you really want to pop $20 or $30 extra when the main dining room has wonderful fare that is also included in the price of your cruise?

If you are planning a cruise soon these money saving tips will help you have a great vacation while still coming in on budget!

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Places To Visit Around Las Vegas

Places To Visit Around Las Vegas

We all love to go on holiday, and one place that is a big favorite for many people around the world is Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether people are going for a short weekend, a week, or for a wedding ceremony, the bright lights in the desert and the casinos are a major attraction. Getting to Las Vegas these days is easy as flights arrive from all over the world, from a country like the UK you can be in Vegas within 10 hours from take-off to landing.

With so much to do in Las Vegas itself, not many people tend to visit the surrounding areas, but if you are there for a week or more it is highly recommended that you hire a car and take a drive to a few of the outstanding features in the area. Below is a list of must visit places if you do hire a car.

Valley Of Fire

This is about an hour’s drive from Vegas and is an area of outstanding beauty. It costs a few dollars to enter the location but this money is used to keep the roads in good condition. The geology of this place is absolutely amazing, and the colors range from dark reds and browns, to light yellow. Some of the rock formations make excellent pictures for your photo album.

Hoover Dam

This amazing piece of human engineering is world famous and with the opening of the new bridge across the Colorado you can now get pictures of it that used to be only possible from a helicopter. Parking is very easy, use the multi-story on the Nevada side, or the open parking on the Arizona side. You can clearly see from the dam itself how much the levels of Lake Mead have dropped this century.

Mt Charleston

This is a beautiful sight from the valley that contains Las Vegas, and is usually snowcapped for about 6 months of the year. You can spend a few hours getting a tan next to a pool in Vegas and then later in the day drive up Mt Charleston and go skiing, now there are not many places that you can do that. It also means that your kids can finish off a fun day in Vegas with a snowball fight.

Death Valley

Although this is a couple of hours drive from Vegas it is well worth a visit. The area can easily reach 120F in the summer months, but due to the low humidity it feels a lot lower, so make sure you keep drinking water if you go for a walk. There is so much to see in this area you need to spend the whole day here, form the Devil’s Golf Course to Badwater, which is below sea level.

Las Vegas is an amazing place to visit and it has so much to do that you are never there long enough, but hiring a car will give you access to many places that the average tourist never gets to see.

Making Travel More Enjoyable

Making Travel More Enjoyable

While most of us enjoy arriving at our holiday destination, the preparations and journey can be incredibly stressful. Before you even begin to plan your next holiday, take a deep breath and remember that holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing.

Being in control of any situation can help alleviate stress. Control is gained by having the knowledge and the tools to cope with any situation you may be confronted with. So from the moment you begin thinking about your next holiday, start a travel journal.

You can choose to start an electronic journal or hand written journal. Keep in mind that things can go wrong with electronics so keep a printed version of your travel plans.

Begin by listing three desirable travel destinations. Keeping your list short will help you filter it down to one destination easily. Find out everything you can about travelling to the destination and not just about the destination itself.

What modes of transport are available? How long will each different type of travel take to reach your destination? Will you be crossing borders and if so will you need visas and is your passport in order?

Once you have narrowed it down to one destination it is time to consider what you need to take along. Take into consideration the climate and weather conditions at the time you will be travelling. Will you be travelling from a cold to warm climate or vice versa?

Make a list of the clothing items that you will need to take along. Now make a list of cosmetics, toiletries, etc. that you feel you may need. Lastly make a third list of all the essentials that are not covered by your first to lists.

A week before you starting packing for your destination, take another look at your lists and eliminate any items that you feel may be extraneous. The less baggage you take along on your journey, the less stressed you will be.

Leave any expensive or irreplaceable articles at home. This will minimize the amount of time you spend worrying about losing the items or them being stolen.

Make your travel arrangements well in advance. It may be more cost effective to book your own transport and accommodation but consider how complicated your holiday will be. If you are travelling to one destination, staying in one place and then returning home, you should definitely be able to manage the arrangements with minimal stress.

Alternatively, find a reliable travel agent to assist. Make notes in your travel journal of all the reservations your travel agent makes on your behalf and when the stress and worry starts to set in, give them a call to get the reassurance that everything will run smoothly.

Using a travel agent gives you the added advantage of having recourse if anything does go wrong on your journey. You can simply blame them for the mess and sit back and relax while they fix the problems.

Get to your destination as relaxed as possible and ensure that you return home with good memories of a great holiday.

Is a Cruise Vacation For You?

Is a Cruise Vacation For You?

You work all year and when it comes time for vacation you really need to relax and get away. After all, you only get one or two weeks a year for vacation, so it's really important that you choose wisely how to use the time that you have earned.  That's one reason why we frequently choose to take a cruise.   Is a cruise vacation for you?

One of the great things about cruising is that you will travel to several different destinations instead of just one or two.  You will get to see exotic islands, beautiful harbors, outstanding scenery and major cities. We enjoy traveling in the Caribbean and generally choose the deepest part of winter to go. It's a real joy getting off the ship in St Thomas or Ocho Rios and having the warm sunshine greet us, along with some marimba music!

One of the advantages of cruising is the price. You can find cruises that last seven days that are extremely reasonable. Especially when you consider that the price of your cruise includes not only your lodging, but also all off your meals and on board entertainment!  In fact, there is food available to you 24 hours a day at no additional cost and fabulous nightclub shows in the ship's auditorium.

One of the things I enjoy most are the days at sea between ports. Some itineraries have you in a port almost every day --- 4 ports on a 7 day cruise is fairly common.  I actually enjoy the cruises with 3 ports. That way we have a day at sea between each port. When you are at sea you can be totally relaxed.  My favorite thing is to lay by the pool and read a book while sipping on one of those drinks with the little parasol. I love hearing the steel drums in the background and the sound of seagulls flying overhead.

When choosing a cruise you can select from a number of different regions of the world. While we love the Caribbean, we have friends that choose to take an Alaskan cruise every few years. They love the scenery. We want to take a cruise in the Mediterranean next year and see some of the major sites in Europe. The trip we are thinking about includes Rome, Barcelona, and Athens.

Of course you could also decide to cruise through Scandinavia and even visit Russia. There are also cruises in Australia and New Zealand, the islands of the Pacific including Hawaii, Tahiti and Fiji, and even the far east, including Japan and China! There are now cruise ships in every part of the world.

Cruising is a great way to spend a vacation and I highly recommend it. So far my wife and I have been on nine cruise vacations and each year as we get off the ship we can't wait until the next time we can get back on! Are you read to start planning your own cruise vacation?  You won't be disappointed.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss In Women

Every one of us loses hair every day.   We lose it during our shower, we lose it while we blow dry our hair or when we brush our hair and this loss is all normal.  Typically we lose an average of 50 to 100 hundred hairs per day and normally for each hair we lose, we grow a new one to replace it.  However, at times hair loss may be a sign of a more serious medical condition that needs to be evaluated by a dermatologist for possible treatment.  Here are some possible causes of hair loss in women and how to deal with them.


This is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the hair follicles.  This disease affects 4.7 million people in the U.S. and occurs equally between women and men.  The cause is not known for sure, but may be triggered by illness or stress.  The condition can occur in three in three different forms including alopecia areata, alopecia universalis and alopecia totalis.

Skin Conditions of the Scalp

Unhealthy scalp conditions that can lead to hair loss include psoriasis, fungal infections such as ringworm, and seborrheic dermatitis which is dandruff.   These conditions cause inflammation in the scalp which inhibits the growth of hair.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This is a hormonal imbalance where the ovaries produce too many male hormones and if affects almost five million women in the U.S.  The condition can begin in girls as early as age 11 and can often cause infertility.

Anemia Caused by Iron Deficiency

This condition affects women who eat too few iron-rich foods or who have heavy periods.  Their blood produces too few red blood cells which are necessary to transport oxygen to the cells throughout the body and which provides the energy we need to survive.


This condition is an autoimmune disease which is chronic appearing spontaneously as the body attacks its own healthy tissues with its own immune system.  The disease tends to first impact women in their twenties and thirties and affects approximately 1.5 million individuals.


This is a type of thyroid disease which affects mostly women.  This disease is when there is too little thyroid hormone produced by the body.   The thyroid hormone is responsible for heart rate, mood and metabolism.  Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid is underactive or producing too little of the thyroid hormone.  When there is too much thyroid hormone produced, it is an overactive thyroid and is called hyperthyroidism.   The thyroid hormone is responsible for everything from the metabolic rate to the growth of your hair, nails and skin.

Hereditary Hair Loss

There is a genetic hair loss condition which is known are androgenetic alopecia and this is thought to be the most common cause of hair loss.  This gene is inherited from either the mother or the father although it is likely that you will have both if both parents have hair loss.

Telogen Effluvium

This is a condition that happens after pregnancy, extreme stress, drastic weight loss or major surgery.  With condition large amounts of hair are lost every day, typically when brushing, styling or shampooing.  This condition can also be a side effect of certain medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, beta-blockers, and antidepressants.

These conditions are more common than one might think, so if you’re noticing hair loss and it is more than normal, please see a doctor to see if there is something serious occurring.  Hair loss that is happening because of disease can often be treated, but it should be done under a doctor’s care.

I wonder ...

Hair Loss 101: Treating Male Pattern Baldness

Hair Loss 101: Treating Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness affects millions of men all over the world. The process of thinning hair and baldness, can cause men to lose confidence in themselves and feel unattractive. The good news is that if you are losing your hair due to genetic male pattern baldness, there are treatment options available. With proper treatment it may be possible for you to prevent the progression of your hair loss and even grow back some of the hair that you have lost. Read on to learn how to effectively treat your male pattern baldness.

There are only two hair loss treatments that have been medically proven to effectively treat male pattern baldness. If you are experiencing genetic pattern hair loss, you must take advantage of these treatments. Lets examine these two treatments: finasteride and minoxidil.

Finasteride, which you may have heard of as the brand Propecia, is an oral medication that reduces scalp levels of DHT. Available by prescription only, finasteride is a pill that you must take every single day for as long as you wish to see results. Finasteride is much more effective at slowing down male patter baldness and maintaining hair count then it is at growing back already lost hair, so if you wish to see the full benefits of finasteride supplementation, you should start taking the medicine as soon as you begin to notice the early signs of hair loss. There are a few sexual side effects reported by men who use finasteride, so be sure to thoroughly discuss the possible risks with your doctor. Be very patient when taking finasteride, it may take 6 months to a full year before you see results. Hair growth does not occur overnight.

Along with finasteride, the other treatment proven to re-grow hair on men experiencing male pattern baldness is minoxidil. Sold under the brand name of Rogaine, minoxidil was once available only by prescription but it is now sold over the counter. Unlike finasteride, minoxidil is a topical liquid medication that you provide directly to your scalp. To see and maintain hair growth results you must apply minoxidil every single day. Apply it either once or twice per day, morning or not. Minoxidil is typically not as effective as finasteride at maintaining hair count, but as a scientifically proven treatment, you should definitely consider using it. If applying the liquid minoxidil solution is very messy and it drips all over, you may purchase a foam minoxidil solution, which some men find much easier to apply.

If minoxidil and finasteride are ineffective at treating your male pattern baldness, you only have two other options for treatment: wearing a hair piece of getting hair transplant surgery. Hair transplants involve removing hairs from non-balding areas and placing them on balding areas. The look of your hair transplant surgery depends almost entirely on the skill of the doctor performing the surgery.

By utilizing all available treatments it may be possible to win the fight against male pattern baldness and keep your hair. Remember to use only scientifically proven treatments and avoid wasting money on scam supplements.

Hair Loss: Cancer And Chemotherapy

Hair Loss: Cancer And Chemotherapy

Aside from the worry and fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis, one of the most troubling side effects for many patients, particularly female ones, is the hair loss that results from chemotherapy. A great way to cope with this frustrating fact of life is to understand the process and learn the best ways to manage the situation successfully. Keep reading to learn more.

Because women often view their hair as a true expression of themselves and their personal style, hair loss that comes with chemotherapy treatments can be especially devastating. A patient's sense of identity can be stripped away as the strands start to fall, making the entire cancer journey that much more difficult.

The point of chemotherapy is to kill off cells that grow in rapid fashion. Because follicular cells are of the sort that divide quickly, they are impacted by chemotherapy in much the same way that cancer cells are. This is what causes characteristic hair loss in many, but not all, cancer patients.

Roughly 10 days to two weeks after the commencement of chemotherapy treatments, hair loss will begin in many instances. A patient's hair may begin to gradually thin or drop off in clumps. Eyelashes, body hair and eyebrows may also be lost in this manner. It is important to keep in mind that this sort of hair loss is typically not of a permanent nature, and that regrowth is likely to begin somewhere between four and six weeks following the end of chemotherapy treatments.

If hair loss is causing a great deal of stress and sadness, there are things that can be done to ameliorate the impact. Proper care of hair during and following chemotherapy treatments can go a long way towards slowing the process of hair loss and making regrowth more certain. Having long hair cut into a shorter look can alleviate the weight on the roots of the hair, helping it stay in place longer. This can also make donning wigs a bit easier in the event that becomes necessary or desired.

Mild shampoos are also recommended during this time, as they are much gentler to the scalp and follicles. Hair should be brushed in a gentle fashion with a very soft brush or a wide comb. It is important not to wash hair on a daily basis, as that can foster additional loss. Ponytails and other accessories that pull at the hair should be avoided entirely.

If hair loss is simply an inevitable consequence of treatment, there are several techniques that really can make the process more bearable. Working to steer attention away from the hair toward something else of visual interest such as colorful clothing or jewelry is a terrific strategy. Furthermore, being straightforward and honest about the situation can make both the patient and those around them much more comfortable and accepting of the situation.

The truth is that chemotherapy is a powerful tool in the battle against cancer and the hair loss that can result should be viewed as a positive thing. The temporary damage done to follicular cells is a sign that more permanent harm is being done to the cancer, and should therefore be welcomed with open arms.

Green Tea And Its Benefits In Treating Hair Loss

Green Tea And Its Benefits In Treating Hair Loss

For thousands of years different cultures have been using teas for the treatment of different ailments. The Asian communities in particular have employed the beneficial qualities of white, jasmine and green tea to aid the progress of treatment and help relieve any stress which they may be experiencing. Nowadays, green tea specifically is used for weight loss, cardiac difficulties and hair loss.

Copious amounts of research have discovered that the anti-oxidants found in green tea can help combat the effects of hair loss in both males and females. It does this by warding off the harmful hormones within the body known as androgens. The function of androgens is to cause hair loss or hair thinning by reducing the appearance of one's hair follicles and preventing growth. Research indicates hair thinning is the most common form of hair loss among males affecting approximately 70% of the global population. Hair thinning among women calculates to be about 40% of the global population.

While the evidence of the hormone is a common cause of hair loss, the root of the matter is more complex. Many cases are due to genetic influences, meaning there is a familial pattern. However, the presence of stressful life circumstances and high levels of anxiety have become increasingly popular. Furthermore, medical complications can cause alopecia. This is due to side-effects of certain medications or medical treatments. It is only androgenic alopecia which involves the presence of the androgen hormone.

Regardless of the aetiology or cause, many treatments can assist all forms of hair loss. The most popular organic option is green tea. In addition to reducing or fighting the androgen hormone, it also stimulates hair regrowth with the presence of catechins in the tea.

Some individuals are not fond of drinking tea, particular green tea. If this is the case one has the choice of applying the beverage directly to your scalp. Firstly, you must brew a large pot of tea making it strong enough to soak into your remaining hair. Leave it to cool. Once it has cool you can soak your head in it or make a head mask from the liquid.

In order to create a head mask from the strong green tea, one would require some non-flavoured yogurt. By adding several teaspoons of yogurt to the cooled green tea, you will create a paste of sorts. Mix the paste so the yogurt is fully combined with the tea and finally apply to your head. Allow the paste to set for approximately 30 minutes before removing.

It has been found that this head mask not only assists with hair regrowth but also with redness, itchiness and agitation one may experience. Remember, it is important to create the mask from a concentrated green tea with no additives which means no sugar! The effects will be compromised with sugar.

In conclusion, hair loss is inevitable for most. However, there is a remedy which you needn't fear - and all it needs is a kettle of warm water.

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