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Niche Website Templates

Niche Website Templates

I am not much of a copywriter. I am designer and a programmer. So here's what this page is all about...
What I have is a new mini-site template that is different from what you normally see. It's designed to give you that professional look combined with a powerful corporate presence.
Like it or not, people are tired of the typical header-footer mini-site design.
I am tired of it.

They don't trust it anymore. The minute they see you typical header, they'll be reaching for the little "x" button on the top right of their browser.
They trust Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google...
And take a look at other websites that actually do sell something...,,,,
Even huge online marketing gurus are changing the way they sell products online. Just take a look at,,,
Is your mini-site anything like theirs?

That's why I cr…

Perfect Uninstaller - Uninstall Any Unwanted Or Corrupted Program.

Have you ever been bothered with software/application/program that is half-installed/uninstalled incorrectly?
Have you been annoyed with the program you don't want is not in the currently installed programs list so you can not uninstall it through the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs?
Have you been afraid of the system errors or crash as you uninstall a corrupted program manually? If so, you are in the right place here! Perfect Uninstaller is a better, easier and faster way for you to completely uninstall any unwanted program that standard Windows Add/Remove Programs can't remove.

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What Happens When You Drop A Penny Off The Empire State Building?

Making Money as a Web Designer

Making Money as a Web Designer

There are many individuals that design websites for others. As a web designer, they have the unique task of developing ideas for a website. They must take that idea and translate it into unique and visual art. As a result, many individuals that make a living as a web designer are true artists.

Making a living as a web designer is a relatively new occupation. Generally speaking, web design did not exist 20 years ago. However, today an occupation as a web designer is turned into one of the more coveted and popular jobs in the fields of artistry and technology.

Types of Occupations

Individuals that perform web design either do it in unison with other members on the design team, or they act as a freelancer, continually seeking work and jobs. Regardless of how they choose to enter the employment field, there are two specific kinds of designers. The first are referred to as virtual designers. It is their duty to conceptualize the creative idea of how the webs…

Have a Passion? Turn It Into a Blog!

Have a Passion?  Turn It Into a Blog!

Blogging can not only be great fun, but it can also be a source of income. All you really need to start a blog is a passion about something, along with  the desire to share that passion with others. Blogging simply entails writing regular short articles, called blog posts, that share some aspect of your subject. If you post regularly, other people with the same passion will find your blog and become regular readers.

Want an example?  Okay. Let's say that your passion is autograph collecting. Perhaps you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of autographs. What a great subject for a blog! You could name your blog something like “Autograph Collectors Anonymous” or “Ye Olde Autograph Collector.”  Be sure to actually name the subject in your blog title so that the search engines can list it for others to find.

Try writing a blog post once or twice a week that details how you got your autographs. One post could equal one autograph. For instance, may…

Five Strategies For Effective Blogging

If you are new to blogging you might think it is an easy task but the reality is that 90% of blogs end up in the cyberspace junk yard. A lot of bloggers find it hard to think of topics to write about, and so do not post regularly enough to attract visitors. In the current search engine landscape this is suicide; fresh content of high quality is what counts today, and without this you have little chance of success. Some bloggers, however, are comfortable writing daily posts and a few of us even post more than once a day.

The more you quality content you can write the better your work will be perceived. Engaging your readers is also important if you want to build a relationship with them, so to be effective, you must add fresh, quality content on a regular basis. In this article we will examine five key strategies which can help make blogging efforts easy.

1.Plan ahead. Write your content ahead of time and save it in a folder ready for publishing at some point in the future. WordPress …