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Drawing More Traffic to Your Blog

Whether you blog for fun or profit, the point of it is to be noticed … to get people reading what you have written. Given that there are hundreds, even thousands, of bloggers out there in the Land of Blog, how do you draw traffic your own humble blog site?

This is the goal of every blogger out there and it may seem like an insurmountable task. But if you understand the ins and outs of the Internet, you can succeed. One thing you may want to consider is your platform, that is your blog’s theme or purpose. Many just blog to be blogging, and that’s okay. They view their blog as their personal journal. That’s especially fitting when you consider the origins of the term “blog” – web log, in other words a log of your thoughts recorded on your website.

But if your purpose is to build followers or to use your blog as a marketing tool, it would be best to have an ongoing theme. That way you will be attracting people who have a common interest in that theme and will return again and again – an…

Difficulties That You May Have With Blogging

Have you ever looked at a blog that only had a few posts and no followers? Most people start blogs without knowing that they will need to put in hard work to get to the number of followers that they want. Successful blogs are based on having traffic to your site, quality writing, and sticking with the blog even when it seems like it’s not going anywhere.

When you create a blog, your first priority should be writing quality pieces. This step is most important because even if you get traffic to your site, what will they read? The content that you write needs to be high quality to ensure that people continue to come back. Once you have followers, a lot of your site traffic will be returning visits; therefore, you should try to give your readers the best writing that you can. People aren't going to want to come back and read your blog if your content doesn't have structure, good spelling, or good grammar.

After you’ve wrote a few blog posts, you may run into the problem of not kn…