Green Tea And Its Benefits In Treating Hair Loss

Green Tea And Its Benefits In Treating Hair Loss

For thousands of years different cultures have been using teas for the treatment of different ailments. The Asian communities in particular have employed the beneficial qualities of white, jasmine and green tea to aid the progress of treatment and help relieve any stress which they may be experiencing. Nowadays, green tea specifically is used for weight loss, cardiac difficulties and hair loss.

Copious amounts of research have discovered that the anti-oxidants found in green tea can help combat the effects of hair loss in both males and females. It does this by warding off the harmful hormones within the body known as androgens. The function of androgens is to cause hair loss or hair thinning by reducing the appearance of one's hair follicles and preventing growth. Research indicates hair thinning is the most common form of hair loss among males affecting approximately 70% of the global population. Hair thinning among women calculates to be about 40% of the global population.

While the evidence of the hormone is a common cause of hair loss, the root of the matter is more complex. Many cases are due to genetic influences, meaning there is a familial pattern. However, the presence of stressful life circumstances and high levels of anxiety have become increasingly popular. Furthermore, medical complications can cause alopecia. This is due to side-effects of certain medications or medical treatments. It is only androgenic alopecia which involves the presence of the androgen hormone.

Regardless of the aetiology or cause, many treatments can assist all forms of hair loss. The most popular organic option is green tea. In addition to reducing or fighting the androgen hormone, it also stimulates hair regrowth with the presence of catechins in the tea.

Some individuals are not fond of drinking tea, particular green tea. If this is the case one has the choice of applying the beverage directly to your scalp. Firstly, you must brew a large pot of tea making it strong enough to soak into your remaining hair. Leave it to cool. Once it has cool you can soak your head in it or make a head mask from the liquid.

In order to create a head mask from the strong green tea, one would require some non-flavoured yogurt. By adding several teaspoons of yogurt to the cooled green tea, you will create a paste of sorts. Mix the paste so the yogurt is fully combined with the tea and finally apply to your head. Allow the paste to set for approximately 30 minutes before removing.

It has been found that this head mask not only assists with hair regrowth but also with redness, itchiness and agitation one may experience. Remember, it is important to create the mask from a concentrated green tea with no additives which means no sugar! The effects will be compromised with sugar.

In conclusion, hair loss is inevitable for most. However, there is a remedy which you needn't fear - and all it needs is a kettle of warm water.