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Drawing More Traffic to Your Blog

Whether you blog for fun or profit, the point of it is to be noticed … to get people reading what you have written. Given that there are hundreds, even thousands, of bloggers out there in the Land of Blog, how do you draw traffic your own humble blog site?

This is the goal of every blogger out there and it may seem like an insurmountable task. But if you understand the ins and outs of the Internet, you can succeed. One thing you may want to consider is your platform, that is your blog’s theme or purpose. Many just blog to be blogging, and that’s okay. They view their blog as their personal journal. That’s especially fitting when you consider the origins of the term “blog” – web log, in other words a log of your thoughts recorded on your website.

But if your purpose is to build followers or to use your blog as a marketing tool, it would be best to have an ongoing theme. That way you will be attracting people who have a common interest in that theme and will return again and again – and even refer others to your blog site.

Even if you’re not an Internet marketer, there are strategies they use that would serve you well to draw in readers. One of these is to become an established and active poster on the various social network sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. After a while people will start noticing your comments – and even look forward them.

If you leave a clear link to your blog site in your comments, pretty soon you will begin to notice the traffic picking up. People will become curious as to who you are, so when they see your link, they will click it hoping to learn more.

Just make sure you give them something to see!

This brings up another important tip regarding drawing people to your blog: Be regular in your postings. Don’t let weeks or months pass by without adding a new blog post. That is the quickest way to lose an audience. If there’s never a new post, your readers will quickly tire of visiting your site. So, make it worth their while.

Another suggestion is to use good tag words. If someone is just browsing or doing a search on a specific subject, they’ll only find you if you have tag words that will fall into their search parameters. Civil War buffs, for instance, might use such key search words as “re-enacting,” or “Confederacy,” or “Union troops,” or maybe if it fits, “abolition.” If you build a list of tags that are specific to your theme … they will come.

Posting on non-blog discussion boards that relate to your blog’s subject matter is another way to draw in readers. Again, if your blog has a Civil War theme, look up discussion groups centered around American History, Civil War History, or Reenacting. The point is to make your presence known to the right people – the people most likely to come, and read, and most importantly, to return.


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