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Masking Depression With Alcohol

Depression and alcoholism are both serious medical conditions. They are not symptoms of a weak a character or lack of will power. They are, however, conditions that can destroy the lives of people suffering with either one of them. Ironically, it is not unusual to have depression lead to alcoholism.

Let me explain by telling you my own story.

There is a history of both alcoholism and depression in my family. My mother was subject to periods of depression that would last a month or longer. I also had several uncles and a great grandfather who were alcoholics.

I bring this up because with both depression and alcoholism a family history seems to create a predisposition. Some who work in the field  believe the predisposition to a alcoholism skips a generation --- but other experts do not necessarily agree.

When my wife and I were first married we had decided that after our first year of marriage we would accept a missionary assignment that would let us help others. The assignment was vol…

Identifying Depression Triggers

More than twenty million Americans suffer from depression every year, but just because someone is suffering from the blues doesn’t mean it has to turn into something more serious.  There are certain triggers that can often flip a person from sad to clinically depressed.  Depression is triggered by the following ten common situations:

1.Job loss.  Losing a job is the number one depression trigger.  It causes financial strain, impacts the sense of self-worth and self-identity, puts strain on relationships and marriages, and brings conflict into situations that are already stressed and unhappy.  Older, higher salaried workers are particularly vulnerable to bouts of depression following a job loss.

2.Sexual issues. Depression and sexual problems are interrelated with one often triggering the other.  Many antidepressant medications cause sexual issues.

3.Empty nest syndrome.  Loss and change are two of the hardest things we deal with, so when a child leaves it’s a double blow.  Everything…

Benefit From Staging A Home

To increase the chance of actually selling a home you need to think about different ways you can make a home look appealing. Staging a home is one of the most overlooked ways you can interest buyers to make an offer. When you present a property you want it to look like the type of home a family or couple would want to move into. Read this article for some tips on how to stage a home to catch the interest of potential buyers.

Before you decide to add furniture and items to stage a home clean it out first. Repaint any rooms that have faded paint and redo floors that have been chipped. Take a tour of the interior of your home and fix anything that is not working properly or that does not look presentable. Homebuyers thoroughly look through a home to determine whether or not it is a place they want to live. Remember, this could be a place they are going to commit a lot of years to live in so they want the home that is in the best shape possible. Closely inspect your home and change anyth…

Buying A House With Small Children

I had been wanting to buy a new house for a long time. We had outgrown our first house, especially now that we had two small children. I had always dreamed of something a bit bigger, and finally we saved up enough money that we could start looking.

Buying a house with small children is an interesting experience, because you have to think about a lot more. Before kids, when buying my first house, I thought about the neighborhood, the view, whether I'd be able to get to the mall....and now I think about other things. I still cared about whether the neighborhood was safe, but this time I started to think about how close to the schools we were, whether there were other children on the street, and things like that.

We started looking for houses in the usual way, by calling up a real estate agent. We used the same one that we used the first time, so that saved us a bit of a headache. She did a great job for us when we bought our first house, so we wanted to use her again. This time we …

Buying A House In A Sellers Market

In different parts of the country right now it's definitely a sellers market.  Inventory of homes for sale is low, interest rates are below 4%, and there are a lot of buyers out there looking to get into a home.  So how are you going to find your dream home when you are competing against so many other buyers?

If you are looking to buy then staying on top of new listings should be your top priority.  If Redfin is in your market, I would highly suggest checking out their search tools.  They give you access to the MLS listings meaning you'll be seeing new homes come onto the market at the same time any other relator would.

When you find a home you like be sure to act on it quickly!  Have your agent give you a tour of the house, don't want for an open house to happen!  A lot of homes are getting offers within the first couple weeks of being on the market, so it's important to arrange a showing quickly if it's a home you are interested in.  Wait too long and the home c…

Buying A Home: The Personal Benefits Of Ownership

You may have heard over and over again that owning a home is wonderful and truly a dream come true. Certainly there are risks involved with purchasing a home, but when there are so many positives, they can in turn outweigh the negatives. If you have played it safe and have been renting for years, you are throwing your money out the window. You are making the landlord rich, but do you get any benefits?

What are your benefits of owning a home?

Let's take a look at renting. When you are renting a place, you are automatically limited as to how you can transform the space and make it your own. In other words, there is very little personality you can infuse into a rented space. Any improvements you make will ultimately benefit the landlord and not you.

Does it really make sense to spend money to improve someone else's space? Probably not. In any case, you may not even be able to paint the walls a different color than eggshell white without having to ask for permission from the landl…